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1. I did not receive my real estate tax bill. What should I do?
2. How can I, or a company I am working with, verify that my previous year’s taxes were paid?
3. I need to pay my Real Estate Taxes from a previous year. Can I pay those to your office?
4. I paid my real estate taxes, but my check has not been cashed.
5. If I own multiple properties, can I pay them all on one check?
6. Can I pay my Borough and School Taxes with one check?
7. Can I make multiple installment payments at once?
8. Am I able to pay the discount after the deadline?
9. The check I provided to the Tax Office was returned. What should I do?
10. I would like to send my payment in now, but I do not want the Tax Office to cash it until a future date. Can I still send it to the Tax Office?