Multiple Item Pick-Up

Information for Residential Multiple Item Pickup

Residential Multiple Item Pickup was created for Borough Residents who have abnormally large amounts of garbage. Example: for a home or apartment clean out. This category will be defined as follows: a total area of trash that measures larger than an area 6 feet long by 4 feet wide and 3 feet high. The cost for the service is $125.

What to do if Residential Multiple Item Pickup is Required

  • Obtain a permit. Permits can be obtained from the Borough Building. Payments can be made by cash or check, credit card payments will not be accepted.
  • Place trash out at the curb on normal pickup day.
  • Place the permit sticker on a bag/box/item that can be visibly seen from the street.
  • All trash must be neatly bundled, bagged and/or stack in order to be collected. Loose debris left out will not be picked up.

More Information

For questions regarding Multiple Item Pickup or any other garbage/recycling questions, contact us at 412-461-5300.